Main St. Looking East, Rockport, Mass., 1911

Postmarked in 1911, surely no one could have imagined then that, 100 years later, the building at the center would become the site for the Shalin Liu Performance Center.

Note the horses and buggies, the trolley tracks, and the women’s long dresses and men’s bowler hats. Compare this view to a similar one from about 10 years later.

This postcard was produced by The Rotograph Company in New York City and printed in Germany.

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3 Responses to Main St. Looking East, Rockport, Mass., 1911

  1. H. A. Lind says:

    Congratulations! These are wonderful images. I find it fascinating, that inspite of the age of the image there are recognizable buildings/structures/roadways in every one!
    Great to see them. Thanks for posting.

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