Ice-Covered Rockport Harbor, c. 1935-1955

Harbor in Winter

Here’s one I found on the Web, showing an ice-covered Rockport harbor. In the background, you can see the old bowling alley near the foot of Bearskin Neck. The photograph was taken by photographer Arthur Griffin sometime between 1935 and 1955.

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Freezer and Cold Storage Building of the Interstate Fish Corporation, 1918


In 1918, George W. Perkins — described in news reports as a “prominent fish magnate” — constructed this freezer and cold storage building on T-Wharf in Rockport. Perkins had scouted locations along both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts before settling on Rockport to build his freezing facility. He believed that freezing fresh fish would be a vital new industry for the town. Continue reading

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Life Saving Station and Straitsmouth Inn, Rockport, Mass., c. 1915


Even though the Life Saving Station and the Straitsmouth Inn were nearby each other on Rockport’s Gap Head, it is rare to see them together in the same postcard. This view looks across Gap Cove from along Marmion Way, and shows Straitsmouth Point before other houses were built there. Continue reading

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Boiling Spring, Pigeon Cove, Mass., c. 1912


I need your help with this one. The location depicted in this postcard is a mystery to me. I am hoping that some astute readers can provide me with more information. Some sources believe it was in the area of Pingree Park and the former elementary school on Story Street. Continue reading

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Old Garden Beach, Rockport, Mass., circa 1935


This is a linen postcard showing Rockport’s Old Garden Beach. Although it is undated, I estimate it to be from around 1935 for a couple of reasons. For one, linen postcards were produced primarily from 1930 to 1945, so it was somewhere in that range. For another, it was published by E.C. McIntire of Gloucester, who I believe was in business from 1907 to 1937. That narrows its date to somewhere between 1930 and 1937. Continue reading

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Rockport Granite Co. Advertising Booklet, c. 1895

This is an eight-page advertising brochure for Rockport Granite Company. It was engraved and printed by John A. Lowell & Co. of Boston. It is undated. I estimate its date to be around 1895. My reason for this is primarily because the back cover lists Charles S. Rogers as treasurer of the Rockport Granite Co. He became treasurer in 1892, so this was sometime after that. Interestingly, the cover image was used as early as 1883, when it was the cover for the Thanksgiving menu of a restaurant called The Arlington. Two of the images are taken from an 1885 issue of Harper’s Magazine.








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Visiting Day at the ‘Witch House,’ Pigeon Cove, circa 1920


A couple days late for Halloween, but here is another view of the Witch House in Pigeon Cove. I’ve posted several other images of this house, which you can find herehere, here and here.

The name comes from the popular story that the house was built in 1692 by two brothers from Salem to protect their mother, who fled Salem on suspicion of being a witch. The house is also called the Garrison House and some accounts say the original structure was built in 1676 as a defense garrison during King Philip’s War.

The caption and picture on this postcard suggest that the house was once open to visitors. The house is now a private residence. It had been owned by the same family since 1925, but was sold to a new owner last year.

The postcard was published by Rockport Photo Bureau. There is no date or postmark. Judging by the markings on the reverse of the card and the fashion of the people pictured, I estimate it to be from around 1920.

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